Project Management :

The animation and the global coordination of the actions and the resources necessary for the success of the objectives of the product, at every level the project, ..., direct collaboration with your teams, your suppliers and your customers.

Product Design :

The validation of the uses of your future products, the functional analysis, the FMEA, the eco-design, the researches for concept and 1 ° digital visualizations, ..., innovation product, innovation process or marketing innovation.

Development and Simulation :

Creation of the 3D ( SolidWorks), in the respect for the dimensional behaviour and for the constraints stemming from industrial, existing processes or to create. Digital validation in rheology ( Cadflow) and in mechanical resistance ( SolidWorks), prototypes validation, ..., evolution of existing products in an objective of business development or innovation in industrial processes.

Processes and Moulds Industrialization :

Definition of the means, the methods and the techniques of moulds and processes, management of the realization, analyze functionings and complete tunings before on-site delivery of production, metrology of products done from processes, ...

Production :

Support of your teams in the starting up of moulds and processes in your production sites, validation of the parameters keys to respect in production and in followed Quality, ...

Packaging :

Skills multi-businesses (uses / users) to allow you to value your products in the various organizations of Supply Chain, ....